Thursday, June 15, 2006

Sports Thursday

It's sports Thursday. Today, the US Open begins. What a story it would be if TIger Woods wins. Can you imagine the emotion on Sunday -- Father's Day? I don't know if I have ever seen a public figure who had such a healthy respect and love for his father, who passed away about 6 weeks ago.

I sure hope the Mavs can win tonight! I don't think I can watch it! Basketball is too hard on me. I am taping the US Open, so I think I will watch it and just check in on the Mavs occasionally.

I am jealous. Beverly is getting to see Jed (My 9-day old grandson) today. She is going to make a quick trip to Houston late this afternoon with my daughter -- who is running an errand, and then coming back tomorrow. I want to hold him so badly!

Tomorrow I will write something about Father's Day. Last month marked 10 years that my dad has been gone. Wow! TIme flies.


Jeff said...

I have faith in the Mavs and Phil. I think Miami was due one emotional win. I'm trusting the Mavs to close it out before I leave.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's post too. After 12 years of fatherhood, I have such a deeper respect for my father. I'm thankful he will be with me this weekend.

Kyle R. said...

I also think the Mavs should take it from here.

But it made me a little nervous when people started talking about a sweep after game 2. Let's just take it one game at a time.

Go Mavs!

Jody Para Sempre said...

You tape things? I mean who even has a VCR anymore? Seriously. Ok, I'm kidding. I'm sure like the rest of you guys you'll also be cheering for England as they have a match against Trinidad and Tobago that started at 11 AM Central time. Goooooaaaaallllllll!!!!