Monday, May 22, 2006

So Who Wins Tonight?

Just have a moment this morning. So, who is it going to be tonight? Mavs? Or Spurs? I'm pulling for the Mavs, but I don't feel very confident about a game 7 in San Antonio. I'm afraid they may have dropped their opportunity.

Today I'm taking Beverly's car in for a lot of maintenance work, and then heading to the links with a good buddy.

Blessings on your day.


Liz Moore said...

Chris isn't to confident about tonight. But I think they will pull it out. They have had an incredible season. I think they are on the way up and San Antonio is on the way out. Let's just hope tonight begins that new trend.

jenny biz said...

Come on Mavs!!!! They should have had it by now!! Hopefully Terry will bring it back!!

Beverly Ross said...

Let's see... I predict 119-111 Mavs. Go Mavs!