Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Honest Auto Repair Shop

Well, feed me peanuts and call me "Dumbo." The Mavs did it! It appeared to me that the refs had decided before the game who was going to win. But somehow the Mavs pulled it out! Beverly: Incredible prediction on yesterday's blog! How did you do it?

So now they face Phoenix. It should be another interesting series. However, I really think that the Spurs will be the toughest series of them all.

Yesterday I mentioned that I took Beverly's car in for tires and some maintenance stuff. I went to the Bridgestone dealership in Roanoke. The reason I mention this is because they were so incredible! I gave them a list of things I wanted them to do. On several of those things, the man said, "We will check to see if that actually needs to be done." Wow! That was a surprise. Usually, they would be telling me other things that I need.

When I picked the car up yesterday afternoon, he told me that several of the things I had requested were unnecessary at this time.

There are still good, honest people in this world!


Beverly Ross said...

I don't know how I predicted the score - I just KNEW! I love being right!!!!!
and I love honesty 'car' people!!!!Thanks for all the work you did to get my car in tiptop shape for me! I sure do appreciate it!

Jeff said...

The Mavs were driving me crazy in the 2nd half. Just drive all the way to the goal. They do play too soft too often but Diop is my new team hero. For me, he adds the excitement Najera used to bring to the game. Maybe not as much energy but the expectation that he would do some good stuff while he is on the court.

Anonymous said...

this is the year, this is the year