Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ode to Byron

We had some bad weather move through here last night. My computer at the office (as well as Jacob's -- our youth minister) has lost its internet connection. So, I am at home writing this blog and catching up on a few things. However, we were more fortunate than those just to our east. Apparently a tornado touched down -- killing three and lifting a brick home off its foundation.

Tomorrow, Beverly and I are going to spend the day together at the Byron Nelson Golf Tournament. I can't wait! There is no one I enjoy hanging out with more than her.

Speaking of the Nelson, there may be no finer man on this planet than Byron. He is an incredible human being. I have never heard a bad word spoken about him. He is a member of the Richland Hills Church of Christ, and has done so much for ACU. He helped to establish an endowment for the ACU golf team. The touring pros absolutely adore him. He's 94 years old, and still so involved in his tournament. There is no tournament on the tour that comes close to matching what his has raised for charity through the years.

Quick story about Byron. He may be the most accurate iron player in history. One year in the Masters, he was playing the par-3 16th. It is a hole that has water down one side and partially in front. His tee shot hit the flag and kicked into the water. He went up the drop area, now hitting his third shot. It hit the flag and kicked into the water. He ended up taking a 7! (But I bet he didn't say any bad words).


outofleftfield said...

I hope y'all have fun. I went last year with my Dad. While I enjoyed the time spent with him, I found the golf watching to be pretty boring. We either followed some guy around as he kept trying to hit the little white ball or we sat in one placing watching one ball after another come flying in to hit the ground, roll around a little and then be hit again. Give me NASCAR any day!

Kyle R. said...


Byron Nelson is at the top of my list of people I admire. He and David Robinson are by far the classiest professional athletes of all time.

Rick Ross said...

Flyfishn (who are you?),

I guess it all depends upon one's perspective and knowledge of a sport or game. To me, nothing seems more boring than watching cars drive around an oval. "Here they come! . . . There they go!":)

By the way, in a time when our nation is dealing with a gasoline crisis, doesn't driving a couple of dozen race cars at 200 mph seem to be sending the wrong message? (I am just kidding)

randy said...

In my experience there is nothing better than spending time with the woman you love. May your day be happy.

Alas, I have to work and won't be out at the golf course.

Andy Stevenson said...

Lorie and I went on Friday and followed Jason Gore, Todd Hamilton and Chris Couch around. I love to root for all three of those guys because they struggle at the game like I do. Couch was about to give it up completely just a few weeks ago when he won a tournament. Gore drove to the US Open last year in his 85 Buick, was in the final group on the final day and cratered. Then he won 3 Nationwide tour events later that season and received a battlefield promotion to the PGA and immediately won a PGA event. Hamilton is from TX; how can you not root for him.