Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Do you ever wonder what heaven will be like? Think of the descriptions, particularly in Revelation. They are intended to appeal to our material side. Golden streets. Crystal seas. Pearly gates. Those early Christians who were undergoing tremendous persecution really needed that.

But last night, as I was teaching the Gospel of John, we came to chapter 14. Every time I read it, my mind is reoriented toward what heaven really is about. In verse 3, Jesus says, "I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am."

"To be where I am" -- that's what heaven is! To be with the Father. To be with Jesus!

Fanny J. Crosby may be the most prolific song writer in the modern era. She wrote over 6,000 hymns in the late 19th century. Many of them are still staples in churches' songbooks. "Blessed Assurance." "To God be the Glory." "A Wonderful Savior."

Fanny was also blind. A person once said to her, "Blindness must be a terrible thing." Fanny responded, "Oh, not really. The first face I ever see will be Jesus."

Wow! That's the right perspective on heaven. To see Jesus!

Another song Fanny wrote is "As I Journey Through This Land." The chorus says, "O I want to see Him! Look upon His face. There to sing forever of His saving grace."

You can have the golden streets, pearly gates and crystal seas. Heaven, to me, means being with Jesus.


Josh Ross said...

Great thoughts, and I love Fanny J. She is one of the greatest song writers ever.
If you think about, most of the heaven songs were written during times such as the Great Depression. There aren't many heaven songs being written today. Maybe because the American Dream promises different kinds of "Mansions," "Gold," and "Silver?"

Anonymous said...

When I think of heaven I think that it will be the only "gated" community that I will ever want to live in.

Amy C said...

I so want to be where he is. That is heaven! If only I strove to be with him more now, just think of how my life would be different! Thank you for the encouragement.

Liz Moore said...

I agree. Your comment reminds of the song, "I Just Want to Be Where You Are". The song goes on to say, dwelling daily in your presence, feasting at your table, surrounded by Your glory! That sounds like the most awesome place ever to me. Sounds like heaven!

randy said...

Not only will we see him but we will see him "as he is". And we will be like he is.