Thursday, May 25, 2006

From Trivia to Elohim

Well, the Mavs-Suns series didn't exactly begin the way I would have liked. Here's hoping "The Little General" (Avery Johnson) has a plan up his sleeve to slow down the Suns. Like maybe taking Steve Nash out! (jk).

No surprise on American Idol. Taylor Hicks is the winner. I am not expecting him to be on the level of some of the past champions, however. I just can't see his records going platinum, etc. But I also realize that I don't reflect America very well.

This Sunday I am returning to a study of the names of God. I love this study! This week: Elohim. Sometimes we need to stop and be reminded that every step we take and every breath we breathe, every sight we see, everything we wear, every tool we hold, every bite we eat -- all once came from the hands of Elohim!


Anonymous said...

That series was one of my favorites that you ever did. The church in Decatur will be blessed by it.


Liz Moore said...

The names of God is so enlightening. I remember your series as well as Beverly teaching it in the ladies class. I have gotten 3 new bibles since then and I transfer all those notes every time. What a blessing in my life knowing those names are. Thanks for continuing to pass that blessing along.

By the way... Go Taylor!! And I still say, Mavs all the way!

Beverly Ross said...

I am delighted about Taylor!
I am sad about the Mavs!
I am delighted about this series on the names/characteristics of God. I love it!!!