Friday, May 19, 2006

Pat's At It Again

God spoke to me last night. He said that we could get a damaging hail storm in Texas sometime this year. He also told me that there could be a blizzard in Minnesota next winter.

What has happened to Pat Robertson? He has now predicted several times in recent weeks that God told him that storms would hit the coast of America this year. Wow! It takes a word from God to predict that? Last night I heard a meteorologist predicting that this hurricane season, we will have 12 named storms -- with 5 of them being category 3 or higher. He also gave the statistical likelihood of a major storm hitting the east coast or gulf coast.

Of course, Pat also said there could be a tsunami hit the Pacific Northwest. I wonder if he would have even known what a tsunami was 3 or 4 years ago?

I'm sorry for being so cynical, but Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell and others have become an embarrassment to the Christian cause in many ways. They more often than not come across as buffoons, getting their moment of publicity -- and leaving the rest of us to clean up the mess.

While I agree to a large degree with the "Moral Majority" positions on abortion and homosexuality -- their obsession with these two issues (as well as the state of Israel and public education) has caused them to lose credibility with the American public. Where are their positions on empowering the poor, race relations, etc. Aren't those moral issues, too?

I feel better.


Beverly Ross said...

Ya gotta be careful when you wear the Name of the Lord - but even more so when you say you have a word from Him. I wonder what God's face is doing when he sees and hears these men who claim Him - boohoo!

Kyle R. said...

It's interesting you should mention this. This Sunday I'm teaching out of 2nd Peter, chapter 2. Peter's message in chapter 2: Believers-- be ready for false teachers; False teachers-- expect destruction and condemnation. Read chapter 2. Peter holds no punches.

I'm certainly in no position to bring a final judgement on any man.

But Peter's antidote to false teaching: knowledge-- know the truth, remember the truth, live the truth. "Dear friends, this is now my second letter to you. I have written both of them as reminders to stimulate you to wholesome thinkng. I want you to remember the words spoken in the past by the holy prophets and the command given by our Lord and Savior through your apostles." (2nd Peter 3:1-2).

Now, I feel better too.

John R said...

Ahhh, "buffoon" - a blast from the past.

Anonymous said...

"In essentials, unity; in opinions and methods, liberty; in all things, love."

Kyle R. said...


Can you please expand on the meaning of your post?

Kyle R. said...


Nevermind responding.

I re-read my previos post and I agree.

I was wrong to imply that these men are "false teachers." Just because I believe some of their teaching is false, that does not make them false. I believe some of their thinking and teaching is in error, but for that matter, so is mine. This is why we all need Jesus.

They look to Jesus for salvation, which makes them my brothers as far as I can tell. To my knowledge, neither of these men has denied the Lordship or diety of Jesus, nor have they denied the all-sufficiency of Jesus' sacrifice. And I do not want to exclude anyone who professes Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Again, I was wrong for making that implication and apologize.

I just wish these men would be more reasonable in their attempt to reach people for Christ-- get out of the pointless prophecy and political business.

Having said that, I am still on my guard for false teachers.


Kyle Reeves

randy said...

Kyle, Rick-

I did not intend to post anonymously - I klutzed on the fill in screen (and not for the first time either). While I disagree with Pat Robertson & Jerry Falwell on many things including their focus, I need to keep love formost in my thinking about those with whom I disagree. When it comes to how we ought to live there is more agreement than disagreement.

Randy Davis

Josh Ross said...

Don't even get me started on these two "self-proclaimed" prophets. They make a living on perverting the gospel of Jesus. That's it. Seriously, don't get me started!!!