Friday, May 12, 2006

Mother's Day

This Sunday is a special day as we Americans honor our mothers.

I am sorry to say that for most of my life, I have been pretty insensitive. For, while we celebrate motherhood -- for many people Mother's Day is a painful one. Mothers who have lost a child through death or estrangement. Women who are unable to conceive but want so much to be mothers. Children who have not received the nurturing touch of a loving mother. And I could go on.

So, as we approach Mother's Day this Sunday, I send out a special kudos to you moms. May your family rise and call you blessed.

But I also want those who are not looking forward to Sunday, because of one of the above reasons or some other one, to know that I am thinking about you, too. And my prayers are for you to know the peace and presence of El Roi -- the God Who Sees. He knows your pain, and His heart hurts with you. Allow Him to draw you to Himself. Feel His breath over you. Let Him fill the emptiness of your heart.


Beverly Ross said...

Precious blog! Precious heart! Thank you for sharing such encouragement! We frequently forget what pains another -- but God sees all of it! All our pain is known to Him - and He covers us with the oil of His sweet love and healing!

Linda D. said...

Thank you for your thoughts about us who do not look forward to Mother's Day. It is a difficult day for me. I am so thankfull that I have my Church family to help me through tough days.

Rick Ross said...


I thought about you as I wrote this morning. My prayer is for the Father to fill your emptiness with Himself. Please know that I am praying for you!