Monday, January 30, 2006

When the Mind is Blank

I want so much to be disciplined enough to blog every day. It keeps me fresh and does me good. But occasionally there are days I sit down to write, and nothing is there. Today is one of them. I have sat here for quite a while waiting for something to come to me. It hasn't.

So, let's turn to sports today. That's always a topic that stirs discussion. Tiger Woods has to be the most incredible golfer in history. I grew up idolizing Arnold Palmer, and being amazed at Jack Nicklaus. But I don't think either of them struck terror into their opponents like Tiger. Looks as if he's off to another great year. I also like the way he has grown as an individual. Yesterday, he was very gracious in victory.

How about them Mavs? Do they have what it takes to win the NBA championship this year? I sure like Avery Johnson.

And finally, who wins the Super Bowl? Is anyone going with Seattle? I can't wait to see my friend's (Tommy Maddox) Super Bowl ring.


Jeff said...

I thought of several cheapshots to take but I also understand the problems when the slate is clear and nothing comes to cover it. I had to write an article for a magazine last night and the words just didn't materialize. It's brutal.

I don't care much for professional sports these days. Too much money and commercialism. I focus my attention on college (their superstars get a normal income) and high school sports. I can't believe Texas lost to OU this weekend. Duke is going to hang around and contend for the NCAA championship again. Decatur played some good roundball this Friday. I watched Cade Isham and the 9th grade team win on a last second shot and the varsity girls and boys both played well against a good team.

I think Pittsburgh has a good shot at winning the Commercial Bowl but I won't spend a great deal of time glued to the game. Football season ended for me on January 4 when Texas won the National Championship game.

J Ross said...

When I moved to Florida I thought NASCAR was ridiculous. But now I am a HUGE fan. 3 weeks until the season begins. GO #48 JIMMIE JOHNSON!

Rick Ross said...

Jeff, I thought about you when I began my blog today. I knew I was setting myself up for a shot.

John, We've talked about NASCAR. Jeff's wife, Kelly, is a huge NASCAR fan, too. "There they go again. Wait, here they come again. Woo-wee!"

Josh Ross said...

NASCAR is in the same category as cheerleading. It isn't a sport; it is a recreational activity. :)

Go Steelers! And yes, the Mavs are finally contenders.

John (#48) Ross said...

Cheerleading! Cheerleading! (repeating the word like that gives the impression of exasperation).

Jeff said...

Having had the opportunity to drive a race car, I better understand that those guys are better conditioned mentally and physically than many other sports. Drive a car for 10 laps with 7 other people on the track and you'll quickly realize a) how intense they have to be and b) how quickly that wall comes at you.

Woohoo! Tony Stewart rocks! Go #20!

doyle said...

Tony "THE MAN" Stewart "20" has it.

Rick Ross said...

What's going on here???? I feel like I have been highjacked by NASCAR! AHHHHHHH.