Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Joy of Eating

Sunday at lunch we were talking about this guy who has come out with a book about nutrition and health. He basically says that there is a government conspiracy to hide the truth about prescription drugs and foods. He claims that people ought to live to be 150 -- and would if they followed his dietary recommendations (all-organic, etc.). I will be interested to see if he makes it to that age.

I haven't read the book, and am only going off of what I was told. I'm sure the guy has made a bundle of money, and given many people yet another reason to hate our government.

But here's the thing for me: I love to eat. Oh, I try most days to eat in moderation. In fact, I had a physical yesterday (still carrying my extra poundage from the holidays), and the doctor said I appeared to be in excellent health (thank God). I love to eat shrimp -- any way you fix it, and all-you-can-eat. I love a good steak occasionally. I love Mexican food. I love a good piece of pie. Occasionally (actually too rarely), I love to go to Marble Slab and get an ice cream cone -- sweet cream with Heath Bar.

So, I'm wondering: Who wants to live to be 150 if you can't enjoy good food? Really.

Again, I believe in the Biblical view of moderation in all things. But how do you feel about what this guy says? Would you want to live to 150 -- eating only bean sprouts and vegetable smoothies? And what food could you not do without?


Steve said...

I love steak and shrimp, but mexican food I could eat at any time. I am also a great conisuer of crawfish. I try to eat in moderation, but some foods can make you lose control. I don't know about living to 150, I would not want to out live my kids. I do know that I do not want to die at the salad bar eating sprouts, I hope my last meal has beef and seafood involved.

Cassey said...

I do not want to eat bean sprouts. and I don't think I want to live to a 150 . I know someone that is 100 and she is just here as long asI amon earth I want to enjoy life . I love Pancakes . Ice cream . I love All sea fod , except Oystes. but most def. my fave is pancakes.

Jeff said...

I think you can tell by meals eaten with me that the last thing on my mind is worrying about eating to live to be 150. I suppose there would be some good things about it but all in all, I'm not sure I would enjoy those days so much - especially if it was built around sprouts.

Dennis said...

I personnally don't know why sprouts are getting so much attention as being healthy. I have found therapeutic value in Foot long cheese coneys at Sonic....Right Jeff?

randy said...

I personally am eating left-over baked pheasant with gravy and yeast rolls. (I hate the days Linda has to work late - nothing but micro-waved leftovers.)

I would have had bean sprouts but I couldn't find any in the fridge. Probably someone beat me to them.