Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Animal News

I'm not much of a pet lover. I LOVE watching and hearing animals in nature. I love going to the zoo. But I'm not big on pets. Someone once told me that you can't love people if you don't love animals. ??????? That's like saying you can't love apples if you don't love oranges. You can't love football if you don't love baseball. By the way, everything Scripture says about dogs is negative. And cats aren't even mentioned. Jesus came to save human beings, not the spotted owl. (I'm writing with tongue in cheek, OK?).

I'm not against people having pets. Just keep them in your own yard, and don't let them bark 24-7. Yet, everywhere we live, there is a neighbor around us who violates this principle. We have dogs who dig in our flower beds, and one that must get a sore throat from barking. I think he barks at every star he sees at night. But what can you do about it without coming off looking bad?

So, I listened with interest this morning to the story about a woman who found her pet cat of 13 years dead in her front yard. She decided to have a DNA analysis done ($500) to find out what killed it. She had suspicioned the neighbor's dog. And sure enough, the DNA evidence pointed there. The owner of the dog defended his dog's actions by saying it is natural for dogs to chase cats. Well, if the cat was in the man's back yard -- he might have an argument. But HIS dog in HER front yard -- killing her cat? Sorry, that just isn't right.

I'm going to start a petition drive. PFPOR. People for Pet Owner Responsibility! MOTTO: "Keep 'em in line or pay a BIG fine."


Patsy said...

A B.B. gun works wonders and it leaves the shootist with a sense of revenge. But that is a trait that was preached against last Sunday.

Beverly Ross said...
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Jeff said...

You need to get more in touch with your animal side and follow the instincts of a dog or maybe a squirrel. I think animals should have the run of the place and we humans just find our niche in it.

On the other hand, Patsy's BB gun idea works too.

randy said...

In Flatwood we have a different solution for destructive animals that doesn't involve BB guns. Never invoke a temporary solution when a permanent solution is available.

On the other hand to come to my home is to risk being eaten alive by the killer Shih Tzu's.