Thursday, January 12, 2006

Looking for the Good

My father-in-law came through his surgery great yesterday! He had to wait several hours in recovery until a room opened. As the nurse and my mother-in-law were discussing that, he was just coming out of his anesthetic. He said, "Let me just go home!"

Before he went into surgery yesterday morning, the surgeon came in and prayed over my father-in-law and the family. You think that didn't mean a lot to them?

And then last night, Beverly and her mom went to get a bite to eat. As they were leaving the restaurant, they noticed that a tire was flat. So, they went back in the restaurant to call someone to come help them. One of the waiters insisted on letting him help. The jack didn't work. He went to get his, and it wouldn't work. He went in to the restaurant and found someone who had one that would. Then, he changed the tire for them.

After he finished, Beverly offered him some money, and he refused. She continued -- finally having to force him to take it.

The reason I am telling you these stories is that we hear so much negative stuff today. We hear about how people just don't care. We hear that everyone is just in it for themselves. But if we would just stop and look around! There are so many good people -- doing so many good things! I know we live in a fallen world. But even in our fallenness -- there is beauty. And we are going to see exactly what we look for.

Today, let's train our eyes on something good!


jenny biz said...

Training and being intentional! Love those words! Thanks for sharing!
Are you makin' it without Mom??:)

Jeff said...

Jenny, just ask him about his "accident" before church last night.

It is great when we see good things around us. I believe it happens all the time but too often we fail to see it. We must look for it and give thanks to those who are doing good.

I need to more often think of the direction we are given in Philippians 4:8 (I hope I'm remembering that right). We should always be thinking about what is good and noble and right and praiseworthy.

Steve said...

We will be praying for beverly's dad and we will pray that everyones eyes are open to the good around us. Satan has away of filling us with darkness if we allow him and he is very efficient at using the media to remind us about what went wrong today. You and your family have been such a light for us, so keep on shinning preacher!

randy said...

Perhaps if I'm to walk in the light I have to train myself to see the light that's all around me.

Cassey said...

it is alot eisier to look and recognize the bad .