Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Pity the Field Goal Kickers

Maybe it's just me, but does it seem like an extraordinary number of football games this year have been decided by missed field goals? It cost the Cowboys a playoff spot. And every college game seems to have several errant kicks. I was watching the Orange Bowl last night. Florida State should have won on a field goal. No, Penn State should have. No, Florida State should have. Finally, Penn State did. I feel sorry for those kickers when they show them on the sidelines after they have just missed kicks they probably make 99 out of a hundred times in practice.

Last night's game was interesting from the angle of the coaches. Joe Paterno and Bobby Bowden have been head coaches for 40 years! I like them both. I'm glad Penn State won, because so many critics have said over the last couple of years that Paterno is washed up. 79 years old! And he has not hinted at retirement. I hope at 79 that I can even stand up for 5 straight hours -- much less do all he does during a game.

For a long time, I didn't care for Paterno. My 1st memories are from 1970, when he whined so much to the media because Texas was ranked #1 over his Nitanny Lions. But who knows? He may have been right. Now I admire him. He's a coach who not only makes his players better athletes -- but in general they leave Penn State as better people.

So, who wins tonight? Texas? Or USC? My heart is pulling one way, but my practical side says "Not likely." Still, go Horns!

On another note: What a sad ending to the mining story from West Virginia. Last night, the report was that 12 of the 13 miners had been found alive. This morning, I wake up to the report that 12 of the 13 are dead. What a cruel roller coaster ride for those men's families. May the Lord surround them with His presence and peace.


Jeff said...

Headlines for Thursday, January 5:


jenny biz said...

Not real up on College Football as much as I am on other sports:) but I know our home will be rooting for UT.
My heart hurts for those families. May God somehow bring His glory to that situation.

Beverly Ross said...

I have felt SOOOOO sorry for those kickers. Makes for great stories in counseling though.
The miners families are in my prayers. SOOOO sad!