Thursday, January 05, 2006


It may be the most incredible game I've ever seen. Of course, it helps that my team won. I have never seen any greater performance by an athlete than displayed last night by Vince Young. The guy just wins. And he makes it look easy! I don't mean that the win came easily. But he looks like he's out for a stroll when he's running. And he never looked panicked at all -- even as they needed two scores with 4 minutes remaining.

I loved the headline in the Dallas Morning News this morning. It said, "INVINCIBLE."

It's been a long time coming. I was living in Austin the last time Texas won a national championship (8th grade, to be exact). It's great to have a Texas team on top again.

I was disappointed to hear Matt Leinart in the post-game say that they were still the better team. I have heard that he is a classy guy, but that comment wasn't. Beverly quickly reminded me that it was said in the heat of the moment, and he is probably sorry this morning that he said it. I hope so.

Talk about class, though. Mack Brown. I have had reservations about him through the years. But this year, he has stepped it up. I heard his post-game comments, as well as an interview on ESPN later. His words were full of grace and totally classy. I don't know if it's true, but I read on another blog this morning that he grew up in the Church of Christ.


Jeff said...

What a great game. I was disappointed in Leinart's comments also. I waited to hear what Pete Carroll would have to say and he comes across as a very classy guy. It was a fun night.


John Ross said...

It is true about Mac Brown. The Sports Ilustrated issue with Vince Young on the front (maybe 2 months ago) spoke of his upbringing and that as a boy he attended the church of Christ. I have the issue if you want a copy.

You're right - the game was AMAZING. I wore my longhorn t-shirt all day (even taught the audi. class Wed. night) in anticipation for the game.

I, too, caught Leinert's comment. It bothered me at the time, but so what. They weren't the better team when it counted.

Beverly Ross said...

I LOVE watching college football! Last night's game was amazing - just being able to witness Vince, Matt, and Reggie on the same field. When the game was over they looked like best friends! Amazing! I'm ready for some rest after the last 2 late night games! Whew!