Friday, January 06, 2006

Anyone Have a Muzzle?

I'm so glad I became a Christian before we had such nationally-recognized "personal representatives" of Jesus. I think if all I knew of the Christian faith (that is, my frame of reference) was what I see in Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson (and occasionally, James Dobson), I would have rejected it. These mens' agenda is to politicalize the faith -- and it makes it come off looking really bad. Interesting, Jesus never did that.

So, Pat has now received word from on high that Ariel Sharon's stroke is God's punishment for pursuing peace with the Palestinians? Pursuing peace -- that's not a God-thing anymore? As in "seek peace, and pursue it"? As in "blessed are the peacemakers"? But now, God has had a change of heart and has stricken a man down for pursuing peace?

The man is 77 years old! Is it really that abnormal for a 77 year old man to have health problems? And what is the punishment that God is meting out against Pat when he eventually dies or has a health issue? I know I could think of several:)

Being a witness for Christ today is hard enough. But these guys -- who have a public platform -- are doing us no favors. God forgive them.


jenny biz said...

I am with ya' Dad! When are we as a body of Christians going to stop "fighting" and "protesting" and having "judgement" reasons for EVERYTHING! God's message is so clear on love. I have been frustrated about this stuff lately!

Joel Quile said...

I read that this morning and thought the same exact thing. Apparently Pat is in "good" company: Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that he Sharon dies!

see for yourself:,2933,180772,00.html know Rick, this should serve as a warning for all of us. If you or I see a Morman guy with a flat tire on his bike - we must not help do so would be to risk God striking us with kidney failure or a heart attack...

It is people like Pat Robertson who make me wish Jesus didn't mention that verse about 'Raca'

Great post!

Melanie Morales said...

I couldn't agree with you more! I was having a discussion with my mom about Dr. James Dobson. I told her not to buy me any of his books because I don't want to support his political agendas.

I was horrified - but not surprised - last night when I read that about what Pat Robertson said.

I recent wrote about the group out of Topeka KS that in order to get publicity attend the funerals of our fallen soldiers and spew hatred and warning of God's judgment and punishment of our country.

I think there are some of us here on earth trying to help Christ establish an earthly Kingdom. Trying to lobby and pass laws and influence through use of media the "Christian" agenda. Christ did not come and lobby religious leaders to change their laws or even influence their thinking... Though he did use them as an example to teach the "common folk" of his day.

Jesus went out and got in and among the people and touched their lives both physically and spiritually. He is our example. A law will not convert a citizen or change his mind. In many instances, will drive someone further away with a really bad taste in their mouth about their perceived encounter with "Christians." However, Jesus can and will change his heart. That is our purpose and mission as followers of Christ.

Thanks for your post today!

rebecca said...

I know that I am a little late in this post, but I do appreciate your blog so much. I know so many people who are turned off of Christianity because they Christians all think like the Pat Robertsons of this world. I have friends who don't even want to try to learn about God because of what they have heard about the "Christian Coalition." There are many "Christian" leaders who are using God and Christ to push their own agenda. Christ was put on earth to be an example and to teach love, charity, acceptance, and forgiveness. How are we ever going to imitate Christ if we agree that other leaders should be "assassinated" and say that they are stricken with illness because of what they have done. Let he who is without sin be the first to cast a stone. I pray that God will forgive me for my pride and arrogance and that he will forgive those who are falsely leading so many to judge and persecute others. Thanks for taking a stand against this. I just pray that those who are lost and turned off by false leaders will see that not all Christians are like the few before mentioned and will seek people like you and your family as true examples of Christians.