Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Blessed at IHOP

Last night, Beverly and I went out to eat. We hadn't been together with a chance to just talk in a while. We chose IHOP (It's real romantic, Jenny). We hadn't been to Decatur IHOP yet, and we had a 2 for 1 coupon.

The food really was delicious. And our waitress was very good. We sat and visited, and just as our meal was about completed -- she came over. She asked us if we would mind if she told us something. We said, "Not at all." She said, "I've been watching you two. And I have pictured in my mind that when my husband and I get older, we will look like you two." She went on to tell us that they have only been married for about 5 months. She is 18. At 16, she left home and has been on her own ever since. She has been homeless at times. They live near Denton, but she really likes working at IHOP in Decatur. They both plan to enroll in college in Denton next semester.

Beverly and I were so impressed with her -- this 18 year old, confused young woman who is trying to make something of her life. Beverly talked to her about the importance of having the Lord in your marriage -- and invited her to church. She said they were looking for a church, and talked as if she would come. Beverly gave her one of her cards, and said, "If you come, I want you to sit with me."

It was just so sweet and special. Makes me want to go back to IHOP and ask for Heather. However, I don't know how well that would help me in my New Year's resolution to lose 10 pounds.

Please pray for Heather -- that the Lord will capture her heart.


Beverly Ross said...

A sweet moment, wasn't it? The Lord is so kind to put people in our path. I love that about Him! I loved supper last night with you!

Josh Ross said...

That personifies missional living. You two have a mission-minded marriage.

Jeff said...

It is a wonderful feeling when we cross paths with someone we can share the Good News with. I hope this young lady will seize on the opportunity before her and I appreciate we have two more wonderful Christian examples in our community. We have so many blessings.

randy said...

Isn't is amazing that when we walk reflecting His light, people notice.