Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Shocking Revelations and TV

So Mark McGwire used steroids? I'm shocked! The next thing you know, O. J. Simpson is going to admit to murdering his wife and Ronald Goldman. But McGwire adamantly denies that the steroids aided him in hitting home runs. Right.

What will American Idol be like without Simon Cowell? I personally don't care. The show has run its course for me.

Speaking of my viewing interests -- Sunday begins a new "24"!

Well, let's just stay on the TV theme for today. Beverly and I have been watching the old "Cosby Show" when we are home for lunch. That show is really good. Cosby is a genius. Clean and funny. Too few shows seem to understand that combination.

So it got me to thinking: What, in your opinion, are the best sitcoms in history? Mine will probably differ from yours, because I go back to earlier days. Here's mine:

1. Andy Griffith Show (black and white with Barney. After that, it falls out of my top 20)
2. Coach
3. Home Improvement
4. Everybody Loves Raymond
5. Leave It To Beaver
6. I Love Lucy
7. The Bob Newhart Show
8. Cheers
9. All in the Family
10. Sanford and Son

I would probably change some of these if I thought about it longer. And I admit that I don't watch hardly any sitcoms any more. I've seen only a couple of episodes of Seinfeld (ranked #1 all time by many critics), and never seen Friends or The Simpsons. My list is largely based on if I see one of these shows is on in reruns, will I watch it.


Josh Ross said...

I don't think "Idol" can survive without Simon.
I can't wait for 24. I hope Jack survived his near death experience from last season. (wink-wink)

As for Sitcoms:
1-Fresh Prince
4-Friday Night Lights
5-Saved by the Bell

How's that for a list?

Rick Ross said...

I totally forgot about "Fresh Prince." WIll you still love me? I don't think "24" and "Friday Night Lights" would qualify as sitcoms. Good plug, though.

Anonymous said...

My list is not necessarily in order, nor is it complete.
1. Everybody loves Raymond
2. The Office
3. Cosby
4. Andy Griffith
5. M*A*S*H
6. Barney Miller
7. Home Improvement
8. Hogan's Heroes
9. Full House (my kids loved it)
10.Odd Couple

kaw said...

When you list Bob Newhart, I have to ask the first (a therapist) or the second (an inn keeper). The first one was mildly funny to me, but the second ine is in my top two, along with Ang and Barn.

Rick Ross said...

Sorry, I was talking about the 1st Bob Newhart, the therapist. I never watched the 2nd one, but am sure it was funny.

Josh Ross said...

A sitcom is simply a drama based on every day situations that might arise.
Sounds like "24" to me. HA!

Jeff said...

Happy Days
Andy Griffith (b&w)
Cosby Show

I can't think of many others I have watched a great deal. I say that based on my definition of sitcom being a situation comedy. If I included others I have watched frequently they would include

LA Law
Boston Legal (the early episodes)
NYPD Blue (the latter years)

My daughter is getting me interested in Bones and NCIS.

Nothing tops 24 though.

Jonathan said...

these are all good ones, except the greatest sitcom of all times has been left off...Boy Meets World!!!

randy said...

"The Bucks of Tecomate" with Jeff Foxworthy