Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Brit Hume's Comments

I was blown away by comments I heard on GMA this morning. They showed a snippet of Fox News' Brit Hume discussing Tiger Woods. Hume said (I am paraphrasing) that in Tiger's current religion of Buddhism, he can not find forgiveness. What he needs is to find forgiveness, and that is only found in Christianity through Jesus Christ. Wow! I'm hoping Tiger was listening.

Almost as amazing as Hume's remarks was that he received no criticism or apology from anyone on GMA, either. I just found the whole thing interesting.

Congratulations to TCU on a great year. They couldn't quite get the job done last night against a tough Boise State team. It looked like Boise was getting each TCU offensive play sent in to their huddle. I thought it was unfortunate that, due to the outcome, TCU's defense got little if any credit (at least that I heard) from the announcers for holding the number 1 offense in the nation to only 10 points.

The world is in desperate need of inner peace and a sense of security. Let all of us who are Christ followers exhibit that today.

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Jeff said...

I hope TCU rakes in enough money to buy some of their receivers better gloves next year. I think all the "sticky" was worn off of them.