Thursday, January 21, 2010

Good Reads

I just finished an excellent read that had been recommended to me by my son, Josh. It's called Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus (I can't remember the co-authors' names), and I don't think I will ever read the Gospels quite the same again. I especially liked the section on Jesus teaching in the tradition of the rabbis, and how that shaped the Sermon on the Mount.

Next on my list is a book that Jeff Jones has mentioned in his blog a few times. Beverly is now reading it, and loves it. It's called Crazy Love, by Francis Chan.

I am such a slow reader. I am afraid to ever miss a word. So if I read a paragraph and realize I was a bit distracted -- I go back and read it again. However, I know of few things I enjoy more than reading. During the day, I limit all my reading to news and things of a scriptural basis. At night, I read for relaxation. From Grisham to Clancy to L'amour to Grey.

So what have you been reading lately that might be of benefit?


Jeff said...

The Bible. I'm spending more time there than I ever have and finding out it is full of stories that impact my life and issues I have to deal with. What a novel idea God had to give me all this wisdom. I wish I would have put it to real use earlier in my life but I want to take advantage of it today.

I really liked Crazy Love. I hope you enjoy it too. I'm venturing off the reservation on my next couple of books with Eckhart Tolle (Oprah's guy).

Josh Ross said...

That's an excellent book.
Other good reads:
-Donald Miller "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years" (a must-read for every Christ-follower in 2010)
-Shane Claiborne and John Perkins "Follow Me to Freedom" (one of the best books on vision and leadership that I've read in the past 5 years)
-Anne Lamott "Traveling Mercies" (a woman who lived a very secular life before coming to know Jesus. Beware, she is brutally honest about her joureny to faith)
-Hugh Halter and Matt Smay "The Tangible Kingdom" (our staff is reading this right now. INCREDIBLE!)
-Max Lucado "Fearless" (The first Max book I've read in a while. Not because I don't like him; I just haven't read him recently. I had to read this one because of the title. I love the word "fearless" right now.
-Rob Bell "Drops like Stars" (you could read this book in 90 minutes...even if you're a slow reader. It's a great experience)
-A.J. Jacobs "The Year of Living Biblically" (he's an agnostic who spent one year determined to obey every command in Scripture. Very interesting!)
-Ed Dobson "The Year of Living Like Jesus" (encouraged by reading Jacob's book, Ed, attempted to follow every command of Jesus for one year)

The Sermon on the Mount. I keep reading it and it keeps stripping me down.

kaw said...

I don't know about the benifit part, but I am struggling to read "The Physics of Immortality: Modern Cosmology, God and the Resurrection of the Dead" by Frank Tipler. He teached @ Tulane U. He is a follower of Stephen Hawking in studying global general relativity and claims the Omega Point is a physical mechanism in time/space for immortality and the resurrection of the dead. I'll see how long I can stay with it.