Monday, January 18, 2010

It's Monday!

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr Day! A true American hero!

"24" began a new season last night with Jack wanting to fly with his daughter, her husband, and her grand daughter to LA to live. Of course, as he is preparing to go to the airport, a crisis develops that draws him out of retirement. The 1st hour consisted of him calling his daughter numerous times to tell her he might be late to the airport, etc. I couldn't help but think, "Quit agonizing over not being able to go with them to LA, Jack. You'll save the world in 24 hours! You can go to LA tomorrow."

I got my electricity bill for the period ending 1-14. This included three weeks of Christmas lights, my family being here for 8 days, and the coldest spell of weather we have had in over 10 years. Whew! Next year, everyone is wearing thermals in the house. We will heat it only to the point that you can't see your breath when you talk.

Speaking of our house, Beverly and I refinanced on Friday. For a short time right out of college, I was a loan officer. At that time, mortgages were running as high as 13%. The historical average is probably between 7 and 8%. We got a 4.35% rate for a 15 year note! I couldn't believe it.


Josh Ross said...

Haven't watched "24" yet. We'll watch 4 hours tonight. But you just gave away the entire show. There's a crisis????????

Let me get this right, in the same post you talk about saving money and complain about a bill? Do they not balance each other out? HA! We could all sleep in your room next year and just run the heater in 1 room.

Rick Ross said...

Good idea, Josh! Let's try that next year. But bedtime is 10:30.

Jeff said...

It was good to see Jack back at it. I'm ready for 7:00 to get here to see the next 2 hours tonight.