Thursday, January 07, 2010

Cold Weather, Lord's Supper and Football

It is 8:25 AM, and the temperature is still dropping. When I got up, it was a balmy 21 degrees. Now it is 19. The roads look like a glazed doughnut from the little bit of rain we got during the night.

This week my sermon will come from Luke's account of the Last Supper. I will be emphasizing the function of the Supper much more than the form. There is no way for Gentiles to have a true appreciation for this event without having at least a basic understanding of Passover. So I will be going back in time today as I put my thoughts together.

Tonight is the big night! Texas-Alabama. After watching Texas' last two games against A&M and Nebraska, I don't give them much of a chance. But I will be pulling for them. I'd like to see Colt go out with a national championship added to his incredible resume.


Anonymous said...

We've had frost for 3 mornings now. That's pretty uncommon around here.

I'd really like to borrow that time machine. There's a few places I'd like to visit.


Jeff said...

I have high hopes (glass half full) and low expectations (glass half empty) for the Longhorns. If they win, it's because I'm pulling for them. If they lose it's because they haven't been consistent this year. I'm ready for whatever happens!

I look forward to Sunday's message. This is an area I want to study more because of all that is embodied in how we spend that time.

randy said...

Considering that the Lord's supper is the focus of our Wednesday night study this qtr, I'm looking forward to Sunday. I can report it was colder and there was more snow in StL.