Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Cynic Returns

Maybe the fault lies with my main news source. Beverly and I watch channel 8 (ABC) for all our news coverage. But it seems like they get on one or two stories that to me are not even worthy of coverage to begin with -- and just beat them to death. Every day for months, you can count on the following non-stories:

1. John and Kate plus 8: Do we really need daily updates of this dysfunctional couple? What is newsworthy about it? Of course, I never watched the show to begin with. It's not on ABC, or I would think they were simply wanting to increase the show's ratings.

2. Swine flu: Whether I watch the morning, noon, afternoon or evening news -- there will be a 5-minute segment on this "deadly epidemic." Please don't mishear me on this one. One death from flu is too many. But the normal seasonal flu kills 70,000 people in the US -- and lasts for days in each individual case. The medical folks say that the swine strain is a short-lived, moderate flu that has not even come close to the normal flu season numbers. I understand that the elderly, young and people with health issues are more susceptible, but isn't that true of every strain of flu? Yet every time someone dies, it is like we are keeping a "death ticker." Have we done that with other strains of flu? What am I missing here? (I really am open to greater knowledge on this). Is it just because there is not much other news to scare the public with right now?

3. Michael Jackson: Great talent. Very unique person. Let him rest in peace.

OK, I have to have an occasional cynic day. I feel kind of like Andy Rooney on days like this one. I'm done.

I know nothing about the Phillies, except that they are from Philadelphia. But I am SO pulling for them!

I'll close with a quote from Augustine. Let this one roll around in your head and make its way to your heart today: "By loving the unlovable, You (God) made me lovable."


Jeff said...

A Philadelphia team is the last team I will ever root for...unless they are playing the Yankees. Go Phillies. Cole Hamels is a Texas boy I believe. Cliff Lee was awesome last night. Utley and Rollins are always fun to watch and I'm sure Victorina has spoke coming from his shoes when he's speeding through the outfield.

I think Michael Jackson is alive but suffering from the swine flu he contracted when hanging out with all of Jon and Kate's kids while they were talking to their divorce attorneys. I'm also pretty sure Elvis brought his nurse and donuts over to Mike to help him get better.

Most of my news now comes from ESPN and while I don't know what is happening to the level I once did, I also find myself blissfully ignorant.

Kyle R. said...

Guess what? You know why ABC (Channel 8) is pushing the Jon and Kate thing? Disney owns ABC. Guess who else Disney owns? TLC, Jon and Kate's network. So your assumption is correct. They ARE trying to increase the ratings!

We mostly watch FOX as our news source. They do the same incredibly annoying thing with American Idol on the evening news.

Swine flu: media hype to increase ratings

Michael Jackson: I agree, time to fade away from him. But, again, stories about Michael Jackson increase the ratings.

Unfortunately, just about the only news source that I can think of that's not influenced by their parent company or advertising is PBS which relies on public donations and you and me (John Q. Taxpayer). Which makes me wonder how much influence the federal gov't has on PBS.

kaw said...

Your statement from Augustine has jarred my memory. Years ago I attended a funeral of a devout Christian gentleman. The family allowed several people to share stories of the man's personal attributes. Later that day, I was reading the "Cornerstones" section in "The Progressive Farmer" containing this; "You may not remember giving a kind word to someone who is down or in despare, but chances are they will remember it forever". I thought, "how many people sharing the quality of the man's life ever told HIM their kind words?" I don't do as well as I would like to, but I try to remember and practice this every day. To each of you, thanks for your friendship and example as we walk daily through this life.

Anonymous said...

1. John and Kate - never heard of them until the divorce.
2. Swine Flu - does it effect Jewish and Muslim people? If so, does it make them unclean?
3. Michael Jackson still creeps me out.
4. I never pull for teams from Philly (especially the Eagles), but I may have to make an exception.

My favorite quote from Augustine: "In everything you do, preach a sermon. If you have to, use words."