Thursday, October 08, 2009

Presidents Cup

Today begins the Presidents Cup, in which 12 of the USA's best golfers take on an international field (excluding Europe, who participates in the Ryder Cup). I love these kinds of competitions. We get to see guys partnering with each other in different formats. Golf is usually a very individualistic sport, but these competitions place them as a team.

The Ryder Cup has been going on for a long time, and there is a much more intense rivalry. In fact, it often gets a little smash-mouthing. The Presidents Cup is not there yet. It has only been played 8 times (each event is played every other year), beginning in 1993. The Internationals have only won once -- so it has not developed much of a rivalry yet. I guess the closest thing was when Vejay Singh's caddie showed up on the 1st tee in a match against Tiger Woods with a cap that said, "Tiger Who?" Not the smartest person.

Two years ago, the event was in Canada. It was the site of the famous "Woody Austin taking a dive" moment.

I'm looking forward to watching.

Interesting interview on the Golf Channel yesterday with Bill Clinton. He was asked if he could have anyone in history, who would his 4 dinner guests be. One of them was Jesus. He said this (not a quote, but a paraphrase): "As the founder of my faith, I would like to ask him what he meant by 'Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's and unto God the things that are God's.'" He said he would like to know where Jesus would actually fall in the "separation of church and state."


Anonymous said...

Top 12 U.S. golfers? I must have missed my invitation.

Maybe Clinton's questions for Jesus should be, "Could you please define adultery?'"

Rick Ross said...

John, you didn't get yours? It HAD to have gotten lost in the mail.

Actually, the line behind Clinton would be a long one, even if limited to only politicians -- Republican or Democrat.

Jeff said...

Happy early birthday. I'm not sure I'll be on the computer tomorrow so I want to get it in before I forget.

Nice of them to schedule the President's Cup around your birthday.

I don't think Clinton's question is a bad one. I'd love to hear more on Jesus' thoughts on government. Of course, there are a lot of other questions that would come up before that one.

Kyle R. said...

Sorry, I cannot comment on any of the golf as I am pretty clueless as to the current goings on in that sport.

As far as president Clinton's comments about Jesus, I am sorely tempted to comment on that, especially in light of his recent remarks about gay marriage, but I should refrain because I am quickly reminded that I, too, am a sinner in need of Jesus just like he is.

About separation of church and state, I'm not sure that that principle is applied today in the way that the founding fathers intended.

I, too, wonder how and what Jesus would teach precisely on some of our American issues. I think he may not talk on some (many) of them because of the nature of his kingdom.