Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Today we are being blessed with more rain. While most of the metroplex is probably wishing it would go away, we still need it here in the northwestern section. Lake Bridgeport is still pretty low.

For the last few days, we have had a couple of wasps that come out in the late afternoon and invade our den. We had this a couple of years ago, and they went away. I never have been able to figure out where they came from. They stay up toward the ceiling (20 feet in our den), so I can't swat them.

So, Monday night I went to the store and got some foggers that will kill wasps. I set one off yesterday morning when we left the house. By lunchtime, we had two dead wasps.

Late yesterday afternoon, when Beverly had come home before her meeting, she called me to tell me there were two more "nearly dead" ones. She put a glass on top of each one:) I got home and ate, and then settled in to do some studying. Suddenly it was like a Hitchcock movie (well, nearly). Wasps begin buzzing all over the place! As they weakened, they would fall out of the sky. Then I would attack!

As of this morning, the count is up to 28. I don't know what the bag limit is. I just hope I get all of them.


Jeff said...

Anyone have PETA's phone number?

randy said...

You need to check your hunting license and see how many wasp tags you have. You might have gone over the limit.

Beverly Ross said...

Numbers are up! What's the latest count???
Hey, PETA won't be after me - all I do is set a glass on top of them!

Rick Ross said...

The official body count is up to 30.