Monday, November 02, 2009

Recapping Weekend Sports

Wasp-count update: We are now up to 62. I'm getting to be a dead-eye shot with the fly swatter. It was fun last night as I took down 2 while we had small group. I didn't want to be guilty of friendly-fire.

Looks like the Yankees are on their way to another championship. BOO!

While I didn't like the way Brett Favre handled himself in the last couple of off-seasons, who can deny that the man still has game? What he is doing in Minnesota is unbelievable!

Alert: Terrell Owens is missing. Hasn't been heard from since sticking it to the Bills. Any leads?

Here's hoping for a Texas-Florida national championship. The battle of the good-guy quarterbacks. ACU is getting more free publicity from the broadcasters of Texas games than they could ever pay for. Each game, the broadcasters recount several times how Colt McCoy's dad and Jordon Shipley's dad were roommates at ACU.


Jeff said...

I'm not liking the direction of the World Series but was glad to see Favre win one even though I'm not a Favre fan. I think it's just good fun since Green Bay was done with him.

Did I miss the required golf post?

Anonymous said...

Brett has game - and a sense of humor. Have you seen the Sears commercial where he can't make up his mind on which TV he wants? Funny stuff!

Rick Ross said...

It's the off-season for golf. But I am glad you are so interested.

I have seen the commercial, and it is really funny.