Monday, October 12, 2009

Sports Recap

I'm kind of going through a dry spell in blogging ideas right now. Yet, I like the discipline of posting something fairly regularly. So with nothing much on my mind, here goes:

I can't ever remember actually rooting for the Cowboys to lose -- but I was yesterday. JJones has absolutely turned me against a life-long allegiance. And while I don't think even a loss to the lowly Chiefs would wake him up to how he has wrecked this team, there is always hope. He is an opportunist who is taking advantage of a loyal fan base. But that fan base may be eroding for him.

As the Cowboys scored in overtime, you would have thought they had just won the Super Bowl the way he was so ecstatic. If that had been MY team, barely squeaking out a win against one of the worst teams in the league -- I don't think I would have been celebrating. There are definitely problems with this team.

ACU holds onto its #2 national ranking with a victory Saturday. Go Wildcats!


I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Presidents' Cup. Tiger and Phil are both at the top of their games, which hopefully will make for an interesting 2010. The 18-year old budding star from Japan looks like the real deal. As Beverly and I watched some of it, I commented that I don't know of another sport where there is such a large percentage of guys committed to family and faith. It is really refreshing. And yet the irony is that the captains for both sides were anything but that.


Jeff said...

The Cowboys played yesterday? Hmmm.

I was pulling for ASU this weekend hoping the Ritchey boys could get a good season rolling for the Rams.

Isn't it too cold for golf?

Anonymous said...

I'm very disappointed with the Cowboys, but I'm not to the point of hoping they lose.

I really enjoyed the golf tournment too, with one exception....Johnny Miller. His running commentary (especially on himself) was a total turn-off.

And what's up with some of Couple's picks? Leonard & Cink? He must have owed someone a debt.

Rick Ross said...


"Isn't it too cold for golf?" What kind of question is that?


If you had to see JJones' face constantly on the tube, you might change your mind.

As to Johnny Miller: You and I are in total agreement. I told Beverly on Saturday that I was going to not say a word about him and see if she agreed with my assessment. After about 30 minutes of listening to him, she did.

I loved when he bragged about how he would be out playing in that cool weather in short sleeves. Yet he was the only one in the booth with a sweater under his jacket.

Jeff said...

I heard ACU moved to #1.