Thursday, February 26, 2009

The U. N.

Tiger played his first round of competitive golf in over nine months yesterday.  I was concerned as he got off to a slow start -- making birdie the par 4 1st hole, and EAGLING the 2nd hole.  His swing looks like it is much more controlled, which means he will hit more fairways.  Which means he will score better.  Which means everyone else will be playing for 2nd.

Did you hear that the U.N. is wanting to make it a criminal act to defame any religion. I love the way it was reported by the following satirist (I don't know who to give credit to):

Fresh off of its wave of successes in stopping genocides in Rwanda and Sudan, the United Nations passed a measure banning the “defamation of religion.” Sponsored by bastions of democracy like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan, it was approved by a vote of 86 in favor, 53 against and 42 abstentions.

How can those countries (Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan) suggest such a proposal with a straight face?  It is an absolute joke!  Hypocrisy at its worst.  And it just goes to show what the U.N. is about today.   

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Jeff said...

I loved Mickelson's comments about Tiger coming back. It was something like "it will make our victories that much better knowing we beat Tiger." It was made in respect to Tiger's ability on the course.

About the U.N., mom said if I had nothing good to say to say nothing at all.