Monday, February 16, 2009

TV Favs

I could not tell you what Boston Legal or Grey's Anatomy or any number of popular TV shows are even about.  And sit-coms?  I never even watched a Seinfeld episode until I saw one in reruns while I was cooking dinner recently.  So I would not make a very good TV critic.

There are two shows that Beverly and I follow.  We used to be big Monk fans, but the plots are beginning to get stale after 8 years or so.  But another show on USA Network that I would recommend it Psych.  It is a hilarious comedy-drama.  The premise is a young guy that has incredible recall and takes in all the details of a situation, but the local police department thinks he is a psychic.  So they call him in when their cases meet a dead end. His sidekick, Gus, is one of the funniest people on TV (to me).  It's on Friday nights at 9 (I think), but we just always DVR it.  Give it a try.

I don't know if it is because I am getting hard of hearing (I don't think that is the case, so Jeff -- keep your opinions to yourself), but I have trouble understanding the dialog in so many shows.  Psych is one of them.  So I am beginning to use closed caption.  That way, if Beverly and I miss something, I can rewind to find out what they said.

Of course, you know my other favorite by now:  24.  And I am glad to know that I have converted my son Josh, who recently wrote on his blog that it is the best show on TV.  Again, DVR is so cool.  On Monday nights, Beverly works until about 8.  So I have dinner ready, and we eat while we watch it -- usually beginning about 8:20.  It is on from 8 to 9, and as we fast-forward through the commercials, we usually end up catching up with it in real time about the time it is over.

And then there is the Golf Channel.  But I won't go there with you.             


Anonymous said...

I've never seen Psych. The last time you posted a message like this, I ended up purchasing every season of 24.

You mentioned comedies. You and I have talked about Everybody Loves Raymond. Probably one of the funniest shows I've ever seen. But now I watch The Office. It absolutely cracks me up! I like that it doesn't have a laugh track.

Jeff said...

24 is still my favorite show. I haven't found many others that keep my attention for long. Maybe it's the lack of explosions and dead bodies? I've watched Leverage and grown tired of it after a few episodes and now I'm watching Beast with Patrick Swayze. Both are on cable channels. I've also started watching Wonderland which is a DirecTV production on 101. I've only seen a couple of episodes so I'm not sure if it will grown on me either. Nothing matches 24 for me. Thank goodness DirecTV has the MLB Network.

Anonymous said...

should that be laugh "tract"?

Josh Ross said...

24 is a great show. Thanks for feeding the addiction.

I also watch Friday Night Lights. There is a lot of drama, but it reminds me of high school.

Fresh Prince is still one of the best shows ever.

Beverly Ross said...

Wait a minute - we really eat during 24 - how could it be????

Jeff said...

Fresh Prince? It was just a knock off of Happy Days...the best show ever.