Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Deep Questions

Questions I have been pondering: 

I'm just wondering:  If I don't pay what I owe in taxes, will the IRS accept "it was an honest oversight" as an excuse?  An honest oversight of $128,000?  

Nancy Pelosi, our Speaker of the House, said that "500 million Americans" lose their jobs every month.  Wouldn't that mean that EVERY American would be out of work in the next two weeks?

There is something about Vice President Joe Biden that I like.  I think it's that he just seems like (no pun intended) an "average Joe."   But I didn't like the way he made fun of John Roberts' mess-up of the oath of office.  Is it proof of the truth of the old adage "what goes around, comes around" that he botched up the oath given to one of the new cabinet members?  Be careful what you say.         

Just wondering:  Do the Super Bowl MVPs really go to Disneyworld?  I find it hard to picture Ben R. (a single guy) getting all excited about going there.  Maybe if they have a motorcycle track.

So the Cowboys are the #2 pick to make it to the Super Bowl next year.  What are the oddsmakers smoking?  Have they been watching this circus led by the head clowns of Wade and Jerry?  They must have gotten ahold of the same bong that Michael Phelps was pictured with. 

Does anyone really watch the Pro Bowl?

These questions keep me awake at night. 


rgolf48 said...

Andy "Rick Ross" Rooney

Rick Ross said...

I did kind of sound like him, didn't I?

Jeff said...

What's the Pro Bowl? Just kidding but I don't ever watch it, don't care who's there.

Things will be better for the Cowboys next year. Romo has finally decided he'll be a leader and TO is going to try harder to catch the balls that bounce off his hands.

Kyle R. said...

Haven't we learned that pre-season predictions count for nothing? Who even knows anything about the real '09 Cowboys anyway? Maybe Speaker Pelosi and Tom "I thought the rules didn't apply to me" Daschle were part of that pre-season Cowboys pick.