Friday, February 27, 2009

Marriage Retreat

Tonight and tomorrow Beverly and I will be leading a marriage retreat for our church.  These are such sweet, precious times spent together.  Tonight we will watch the movie "Fireproof" -- so I am going to go home and make about 15 poppers of popcorn for everyone.

Please pray for good marriages to be made better and for struggling marriages to be shored up.

Yesterday afternoon, Jacob (my fellow minister) and I went and played golf.  I hadn't played in a month because of my back.  I played better than I expected, but I could not keep pace with Jacob.  My mind must have been playing games with me, because it seemed that he took more strokes than he actually did.  After each hole, he would tell me his score.  He carded 16 birdies, one eagle and one par.  This guy shot a 54!  I can't wait for the day to say, "I knew Jacob when."    


Jeff said...

I hope the weekend goes great.

We need to get Tiger to Decatur and let Jacob give him a run for his money.

Kyle R. said...


I hope Jacob isn't getting ready to leave us for the tour. To me, that's an amazing score.

I'm looking forward to the retreat beginning tonight.

Josh Ross said...

May the power of the Spirit be alive in transforming ways this weekend.