Monday, February 09, 2009

My Back and Other Stuff

Yesterday was an interesting experience for me, as I preached from a stool. I have had lower back issues for several days, and standing (actually very stooped) for more than a couple of minutes was extremely painful. I had a number of people tell me that they thought it was easier to stay engaged with me as I sat and preached. I found that interesting.

I am going to give it one more day of total rest today. I will stay home and work on our upcoming marriage retreat. Hopefully, tomorrow will be back to normal.

So the list continues to grow. Will we now change his name to A-Roid? You would think these guys would learn from what has come before: Confess your steroid usage, and people will forgive and forget. Deny it and you are DONE!

Someone wrote in this morning's Star-Telegram that they were saddened because Terry Glenn's Cowboy career s now over. "To go into the huddle would be a violation of his probation of not associating with other criminals."

Report is out that Tiger has had a cub -- this one a boy. Tiger, take my advice. You need to get back out on tour as quickly as possible. You have a girl (which means WEDDING) and a boy (car insurance). Get back out there and start saving your money, my friend!

Actually, he is practicing full-throttle on his new knee, and reports are that he is feeling great. Translation: the rest of the tour is toast. Come on, Tiger. Weekends aren't the same without you.

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Kyle R. said...

I'll tell you why I liked your preaching from the chair yesterday: For whatever reason, it seemed more intimate, more casual, more personal. The word really spoke to me through you yesterday.

I agree. Why don't these athletes just admit it and move on.

I hope your back is back soon.