Monday, October 01, 2007

Sports Monday

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Presidents' Cup this weekend (thanks to one of the greatest inventions ever -- DVR). It was played in Canada, and was absolutely beautiful. I wish I could have been there. Even being color blind, I could see the brilliant color contrasts as the leaves were changing.

But the golf -- on both teams -- was really incredible.

We had a fun day out at Runaway Bay on Saturday for our third annual church golf tournament. My team just couldn't get many approach shots near the hole. Congratulations to Mark Duncum and sons. It was a great day for golf.

OK, I'm a believer now. He still looks goofy to me when he passes the ball. But you can't argue with his results. Tony Romo appears to be the real deal. And the Cowboys are looking pretty good, too. I know, the Rams are a shell of a team. But in the past, those have been the teams that have risen up and beaten the Boys.

Confession: The "new" T. O. is even becoming fairly likeable. Coach Phillips just needs to make sure to keep him happy.

Baseball playoffs are about to begin. ZZZZZZZZ. I used to LOVE watching baseball. When my boys were little, we would even VCR games to watch together. I can't remember the last baseball game I watched.

I do feel sorry for Mets fans. What a collapse! Why couldn't that have been the Yankees?


jross said...

I couldn't believe all the upsets this weekend. College football pollsters have quite the task to sort all this out.

The upsets were even in pro sports. Who woulda thunk it? Arizona over Pittsburgh! I have several BIG Pitts fans here - can't wait to see them.

And Brett Favre! What a beast.

And the golf was INCREDIBLE. I've never seen so many approach shots so close to the cup. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Don't even try and get back on the Cowboys' bandwagon. You leaped off a year ago, tumbled down the bank, and swam miles and miles away from where you jumped. Ultimately, your written words on this blog came across like a divorce. Therefore, you are divorced. In order to speak highly of the Cowboys "AS A FAN" we need to read of a written apology.

Rick Ross said...

NEVER! Go ahead and abuse me. What I said was true. I cannot -- I will not -- apologize.

Actually, your assessment from last year is pretty good. However I never totally divorced myself. More like a long separation. Still not sure I want to kiss and make up. Just making some observations as to recent developments.

If I remember right, most of my comments last year were directed toward T. O. He did prove to be a liability last year. He still seems to have trouble holding onto the ball.

But his demeanor this year is markedly different. In fact, I will even defend him: the "endzone camera act" from two weeks ago was not a big deal. Those of you who know me well know that I am not a fan of strutting and showy celebrations after plays. I was critical years ago of Michael Irvin, too. But T. O. should not have been fined for that.

Jeff said...

I'm ready for the MLB playoffs. I hated to see the Mets collapse because I like watching Reyes and Wright but good for the Phillies and Cole Hamels (a Texas boy I believe). I'm more interested in the NL than the AL and will probably be pulling for an NL team once again, I'm just not sure who yet.