Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Finding Intimacy with God

Last night I was reading Dr. Myra Perrine's book, What's Your God Language? I want to share a piece from that this morning.

"Thomas Merton said that only the one who truly seeks God with real desire finds Him, not those who remain at a distance and confine life to a 'few routine exercises or external acts of worship and service.'

She then shares a quote from M. Basil Pennington that so practically applies this principle. He said:

I have run into a situation in marriage counseling a number of times. The couple is unhappy. The wife is dissatisfied and the husband cannot see why. He goes into a long recital of all he is doing for her. He is holding down two or three jobs, building a new house, buying her everything. But to all this, the wife quietly replies: "If only he would stop for a few minutes and give me himself!" I sometimes think that God, as He sees us rushing about in all our doing of good, says to Himself: If only they would stop for a few minutes and give me themselves!

I'm looking forward to the World Series tomorrow night. I enjoyed watching the last two games of the Boston-Cleveland series. I like Boston's closer -- he is a hoot! But I can't decide who to root for. I want Boston to win because it makes the Yankees look bad. But I always like to see a new face in the crowd too. So I might pull for the Rockies.


Jeff said...

I'm going with the Rockies all the way. I was hoping to see Cleveland win but if Colorado beats Boston, I think it will give their championship more legitimacy. I'm just afraid that Colorado has had far too many days off from playing.

It may be the coldest world series ever played.

Beverly Ross said...

I love the quote encouraging us to be in communication with God. I am looking forward to the WS!!!!

Mark and Melissa Taylor said...

No surprise here - Rockies all the way!