Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Not Much on the Plate Today

Some days I feel very challenged just to come up with a blog idea. Today is one of those days.

Finally there is a feeling of Fall in the air again. After several weeks of record heat, it was nice to mow the yard yesterday afternoon with the temperature in the upper 70s. And then this morning, it felt so good! My thermometer said 64.

I'm not a "Dancing with the Stars" fan, but Beverly has gotten into it this year. So I read Golf Digest last night while she watched a TiVo version of DWTS. I will say this: Wayne Newton must have gone to the same plastic surgeon as Jerry Jones. Their faces look as taut as a drum head. To lift a face that much, it must have pulled their chins up under their noses. It doesn't look very natural, that's for sure.


jross said...

They got a doctor referral from Kenny Rogers - whose chin is now on his forehead.

Melanie said...

Not to mention that fact he looked orange.

Jeff said...

I'm loving the cool weather but missed having any sports on last night. I heard the Mavericks were playing but I still don't care much for pro basketball.

I've been fortunate to miss most of Dancing this year. I did watch Boston Legal which used to be a favorite show to watch. After last night, I'm done. It was disgusting. Now, I'll just watch baseball and wait for Jack Bauer to come save us again.

Jonathan said...


I can't believe you would insult my cousin, Kenny Rogers, like that. That's my family, man!