Tuesday, October 09, 2007

No Fair Report

Well, we didn't make it to the Fair yesterday. We hit traffic about ten miles before we got there. Thinking it was a wreck, we sat in the traffic for about an hour. David, my son-in-law, called to tell us he had heard that the traffic to the Fair was tied up for miles. A record-breaking day. Some Disney group was there, plus it was Columbus Day.

So my daughter pulled into the West End. Beverly took me to Landry's for lunch (birthday eve). Then we went to the Dallas Aquarium. It was really great. On the way home, we stopped at Uncle Julio's for another birthday meal.

So actually, I enjoyed the day more than if we have gone to the Fair. I think Beverly is going to take Malaya another day before the Fair shuts down.

What a game last night! It's the 1st Cowboy game I have watched in over a year. Dallas gave Buffalo every break a team could want (21 points not scored by their offense, along with 6 turnovers). Dallas still won, although it took a few lucky breaks down the stretch. Give their kicker a game ball!

OK, here I go -- into territory I NEVER dreamed I would. Let me begin by saying T.O. dropped a couple of crucial passes again last night. The guy has GOT to put Stickem on his hands before the next game. But (and here's where I never thought I would go), the call the ref made on him for "delay of game" was ridiculous. There is a new rule in the NFL that spiking the ball after a catch is considered a delay of the game. If what T.O. did was a spike, it was a really poor attempt. He basically let the ball spin out of his hand. It went maybe 5 yards away. Pretty petty call.


Jeff said...

I'm sorry to hear you missed out on fried food heaven. Kelly's dad was in the same boat with you. I think he spent a couple of hours trying to get in to no avail.

I never thought I would find you being a T.O. apologist. Was it your last one another lesson that caused you to accept him? :)

Melanie said...

Uncle Julio's. I'm envious right now. I can drink their hot sauce out of the bowl and Richard has dreams about their quail fajitas.

Anonymous said...

Now you are defending T.O.!!! I can't believe my eyes. Last year, you gave up on the Cowboys. Now, you watch them and defend them. Who are you? Is this what turning 51 does to you?

By the way--Happy Birthday.


Kyle R. said...

I've been rather critical of TO in the past, myself. He's does seem to have mellowed out now that he has a quarterback who likes to throw his way now. I guess we'll overlook those drops as long as the boys stay undefeated.

I actually fell asleep when it was 24-13. Needless to say, I was quite surprised when I heard the news this morning.

randy said...

You know I haven't watched much football in many years. And no I didn't watch any of the game last night. But I vaguely recall that since the days of Lester Hayes (when I did watch football, stick-em has been illegal. Surely, this TO guy wouldn't break the rules?

Beverly Ross said...

Happy, happy birthday! I love you and I celebrate you!!!!! May the Lord bless you richly in this next year!

Mark and Melissa Taylor said...

It was the Jonas Brothers singing - don't you know all about them? All the pre-teens love them! My kids were there with Mark's family trying to see them and get their autographs, but too many people. Anyway, Morgan said everyone in Dallas was there yesterday, so I don't think it was a bad day to miss!