Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I Think I Smell Mi Tierra

In a couple of weeks, Beverly and I are going to go to San Antonio for a couple of days to belatedly celebrate our anniversary. San Antonio is one of our very favorite places to visit. I actually lived there from the start of my freshman year in high school until I left for college -- and I liked it. But through the years, we have vacationed there a number of times and taken at least one trip a year for a couple of days. We love the river walk and the market square. We eat at least once a day at Mi Tierra. I think our love for it has rubbed off on our kids. Jenny and David honeymooned there. And our other kids have made short trips there as well.

We also love to drive through the hill country. We are going to take a different route there this time. Instead of I-35, we are going to go Hwy. 281. We have heard it is very scenic.

I'm not saying it's my favorite place I've ever been. On a previous blog, we discussed that. New York. Boston. Cabo San Lucas. Australia. Grand Canyon. Yellowstone. Wow, I've been blessed to see some wonderful places. But for a two-day getaway, give me San Antonio.

Do you have any place like that? Someplace you try to get away to occasionally?


jross said...

Wow. You have been around. There are few out of country places I would like to revisit - though Roatan, Honduras was INCREDIBLE! Belarus was dark & depressing, and Guyana is just dangerous.

I think my favorite get away is Virginia. The Blue Ridge mountains are beautiful! I also love it because of the history: Colonial cities (Williamsburg), Civil War battlefields, old mansions & plantations, Amish country, DC (kinda), it's a historians candy store.

Have fun in SA. I can guess where you where you won't be attending church.

Anonymous said...

Boston (Fenway Park). Yosemite. San Fran (the Bay Area) is always a favoriate of mine--been there 3 times. Pensecola. Lincoln (nothing like a game in Lincoln.) Cancun. Cruise ship.
San Antonio is a great place.

Jeff said...

It may come as no surprise that Colorado is what I consider heaven on earth. I still love to travel down to New Braunfels and taking 281 is a more leisurely way to go. I highly recommend timing it so that you can stop at the Hard 8 in Stephenville for a meal.

jross said...

Please read in my previous post "where you" instead of "where you where you". My fingers stuttered.