Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Brett Favre and My Dad

Today would have been my dad's 78th birthday. He was born THE day after the great Stock Market crash -- known as Black Tuesday. It seems ironic, because his life was covered by a dark cloud. I hurt for him as I think of how much emotional pain he must have carried through his life.

He's been gone now for 11-1/2 years. And he went out well -- making me proud.

What an ending to Monday Night Football last night! Brett Favre, the "old man" (he's ony 38! How did Testiverde get a pass here?), threw an 82-yard touchdown pass on the 1st play of overtime to beat Denver.

How can you not like this guy. Unlike others who have gone through drug addictions and made excuses, etc. -- he got help and has turned his life around. We've watched him go through so much: the death of his father, his wife's cancer, his nephew's (If I remembered right) tragic death. He is definitely a survivor.

I read a piece in the paper yesterday about the Packers. There is a waiting list for people to get season tickets. You have to wait until someone dies or gives them up. The wait is something like 400 years! Incredible! And Green Bay is not even a large city.

The writer of the piece said at least there is hope. Those who wait 400 years might get to see Favre before he retires. I say when you can throw the ball the way he was last night, why is retirement even being discussed?


Jeff said...

I missed the game last night but my fantasy football team went down in flames this weekend and I'm trying to pick up the pieces and get them all motivated for the week ahead.

jross said...

Great game. Slow in the middle, but great bookends.

Brett has been Dianne's favorite athlete for many years. I think it was Brett's brother-in-law that was killed in a 4-wheeler accident.

Thanks for the words about dad.

randy said...

A few years ago while we were meeting on Wednesday night at the Isham's house, Mark Short presented a lesson on the accomplishments of older people in the bible. The example we have handed down to us is of great things being done by older folks and we never, ever want to sell them short.

Beverly Ross said...

I love Brett's wife!!!! She is so authentic.
I, too, am proud of your dad!