Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dear Abby Has Spoken

The article in the paper made it seem as if the final authority had spoken. Yes, Dear Abby (actually Abigail Van Buren's daughter, who took over for her when she developed Alzheimer's) issued a statement in support of homosexual marriage. (I have trouble being PC on this and using the term "gay." That used to be a good word that meant happy).

We live in interesting times. Anything Oprah or some Hollywood star or "Dear Abby" says, people take as if it is authoritative. What qualifies these opinion leaders to speak about morals, ethics, etc? Dear Abby? She's a lady who came up with a gimmic of getting people to write letters, and she gives advice. She has NO schooling or training in the fields of medicine or psychology.

Oh, I realize that we live in a nation of free speech where anyone can say whatever they like. But one's freedom to speak doesn't obligate us to believe or accept it.

Recently Oprah had a show endorsing open marriage and encouraging promiscuous sex as being healthy for a relationship. I was told that this week's episode of Boston Legal basically cast teaching abstinance among teens as criminal -- perhaps even making a school that teaches such an accessory to murder if someone dies of AIDS. This show proclaimed that the condom is the greatest invention of the last century. Really? Greater than the automobile, electric light, airplane, air conditioning? Greater than heart transplants? How ridiculous is that? Yet, millions of people will say, "Yeah, he's right. Because he's on TV."

I'm so glad that I belong to another kingdom. Because even if this nation slips into the depths of total decay -- my kingdom will live on.

OK, my rant is over. I know I'm supposed to feel better, but I'm still kind of sad.


jross said...

Completely random response.
You spoke of Oprah. As you know she gave Dr. Phil his start in show biz. Have you ever seen Rich Little's impression of Dr. Phil? Go to
WARNING: Some PG-13 material

Mark and Melissa Taylor said...

The thing that keeps me going is this...we are to be different from the world. "The World" is what we will see from Oprah, Dear Abby, etc. That is what people want to see and hear because it makes them feel good about the poor moral decisions they make with their life. What I try to teach my kids (especially the girls right now) is that if we are fitting in with the other kids at school or with the rest of the world, then we are not going to be fitting in with God. Who are we supposed to be fitting in with? The world or GOD? I think we already know the answer to that. I want to fit in with God, and I am hoping to teach my children that because I want them to get to heaven - not to the Oprah Winfrey Show. We are in a sad place in our country and our world - can you imagine what HE must be thinking?

Anonymous said...

It is good to see that there are people living in the world that are passionate about morality.

On a positive note--there is a movement right now by teenage women to dress modestly (I believe it is the "dove" campaign). More and more parents are paving the way for sexual conversations to take place with their teenagers. I hear of more and more teenagers that are remaining pure.

As for the Oprah show, (I can't believe I'm about to defend her), but her show WAS NOT ENDORCING promiscuous relationships. It was informing. If anything, Oprah thought it was ridiculous. I've sat in a class at a Christian college with a Christian that spoke up about how she saw nothing wrong with a husband and wife watching porn together. She was speaking from experience.


Jeff said...

It's harder and harder to find a TV show or a movie to watch because of the messages they project.

Hmmm, maybe it's an opportunity for me to go out and share the Gospel instead of sitting in front of the big screen filling my head with junk.

randy said...

Christianity is counter cultural. It was counter cultural in Jerusalem and the Roman empire. What our generation has to deal with is a pervasive media that delights in the perverse.