Monday, June 11, 2007

Notes From Houston Trip

Beverly and I got back yesterday evening from Houston. We had several enjoyable days there. On Friday, we went to watch our boys skydive. It was really cool! In fact I'm thinking that when we are on vacation in August, I might do it.

Last Wednesday was Jed's (our oldest grandson) 1st birthday. He is at such a fun age right now. I love just watching his every move. Some friends of Jonathan and Jennifer gave a party at their house on Saturday. It was the 1st time all three of our grandchildren have been together with us. It was great!

I spoke at Bammal Road Church of Christ last Wednesday night. It was such a blessing to have Jonathan leading worship. I am really proud of him and his beautiful family. The church was so kind.

On Sunday I took part in a baby blessing service at Josh's church -- Southwest Central in Houston. I missed our first two grandkids' baby blessings, so it was wonderful to be able to have a part in Truitt's. He is beginning to take on a personality. I love holding an infant! And I am so proud of his mom and dad and the ministry they are involved in.

So once again: Count me blessed.

Tonight begins Vacation Bible School. Beverly and I are going to be tribal leaders this year. I look forward to it.


Jeff said...

Is there an "I must be going nuts because I'm thinking about sky-diving" tribe?

jross said...

And you think I'm crazy for riding a motorcycle? Thinking about it, I would probably sky dive. But you'll never find me on the end of a bungy strap.

Your g-kids sound wonderful. I know you're proud.

Anonymous said...

It was a great day. I thought that you and Mike did a great job. Thanks for serving our church yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Am I somewhat confused or what!! The blessing of babies in the church...Is this something like baptism? Tell me more and get my mind unclogged!!!

Rick Ross said...


I usually don't address anonymous comments, since I don't know who I am talking to. I also don't know if you are being serious or not.

Assuming you are, I feel somewhat offended as much as I have spoken about baptism that anyone would think I would be in favor of baptizing babies.

Church is about community. And in community, we pledge ourselves to partner with each other in the raising of each others' children. We want to work together to see to it that every child has spiritual parents and grandparents, brothers and sisters to journey with them on the road to heaven. So the church pledges itself on such an occasion to be there for the parents and children.

Actually, I would like to see us doing more things like this in church.

That is what a baby blessing is.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Dad (Rick).

I'm not a big fan when people post anonymous comments either.

Baby blessings, or baby dedications, are just as much for the parents and the church as they are for the baby. It is a way of praising God for being a great creator, and calling every single member to the responsibility of joining in the child-rearing process.


jross said...

I was wondering how you were going to handle anonymous' question. Well done.