Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Adventures of Mollie

Something I feared happening ever since we got Mollie happened last night. We have a retaining wall along the back of our yard, and our neighbors built a fence below it. There is a gap big enough for Mollie to fall through. Our neighbors have an Australian Shepherd that Mollie would get nose to nose with through the fence.

Well, last night I was grilling burgers outside the garage when I heard Mollie yelping. I took off running and found her in our neighbors' back yard, with their dog on top of her. Their dog looked like she was tearing Mollie up. Fortunately, Australian Shepherds more nip than bite (it's inbred in them). I didn't think I was ever going to get Mollie out, but finally did.

She was a mess, but no bleeding. Her fur looked like she had stuck a paw in a light socket. But after a bath and a few brushings, she looked back to normal this morning.

As I held her in my lap last night sitting in the backyard, you would have thought she had won the battle. Every time she saw the other dog, she would growl.

Now the problem is she won't go outside unless one of us goes with her. Oh, well.


jross said...

I guess it's kind of like Opie standing up to the bully. He got a black eye, but he didn't lose anymore lunch money. But I don't think Opie was afraid to walk to school, so the comparison has it's weaknesses.

I'm back from summer camp. Please pray for the kids that attended. It was a great week! Jonathan, Wiley spoke each night. It was great.

Jeff said...

I'm sure Mollie will enjoy the company when needing to go to the bathroom now. I wonder how close she will get to the fence?

Let us know the next time you are grilling burgers. I'll bet you find out how many people read your blog.

Beverly Ross said...

Last night was so scary. I am so glad you were there to help her. Thanks!