Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Father's Day

I intended to post something on Friday about Father's Day, but just forgot. So let me wish all you dads a belated Happy Father's Day.

As I received calls from my kids yesterday and watched the US Open, I found myself thinking just how blessed I am. And I find it really incredible as I watch my sons now become fathers. No doubt, they are going to do better than I did (in fact, that is my desire). I love to watch them with their kids.

Jonathan has Jed's heart so clearly, and seems to know just the right things to do and say. Jed's face lights up whenever Jonathan enters the room.

Josh's son Truitt is still an infant, but just watching how comfortable Josh is with him is so cool. There is so much bonding between them.

And then, there is my son-in-law, David. Wow! His daughter absolutely adores him. He is obviously her hero. I am so proud of him.

Like I said: I am blessed.

Happy Father's Day -- plus one.


Anonymous said...

We've learned from a good one. Thanks for pouring your life into us.


Jonathan said...

and now you can add tiger to that category...but seriously, we need to talk about this "plant-watching" thing.

Randy said...

Had a delightful conversation with my father Sunday after worship. He's 77 and just returned from ocean fishing off Alaska where he had a fine, but tiring time.