Friday, June 22, 2007

Movie Critic

Last night I was waiting in anticipation for my oldest son and his wife AND OUR GRANDSON to get to our house. (You grandparents will be able to relate. if it had just been Josh and Kayci coming, we would have left the door open and told them we would see them in the morning.) They were supposed to arrive around 1 AM or so.

So about 11:30, I took a nap. Then I woke up around midnight and turned on TV to TMC -- which shows old movies (they call them classics, and some of them are). The movie I watched starred Fred MacMurry, and it was called "Too Many Husbands." It was made in 1940. I would have to rate it a "C".

Then I got to thinking: I kind of expect old movies to all be good. But I'm sure that 60 years from now, people won't be watching all our movies -- many of which are pretty bad. They will be watching the few that were really good. And I am sure that is the case with the "oldies."

Today I plan to finish up work by noon, go play golf with my son -- and then spend some "grandparenting time" with Malaya and Truitt. Does it get any better?


Jeff said...

Throw in a NASCAR race and it should be perfect.

randy said...

Perfections requires either a trip to the range or hunting.

David said...

Work? I thought preachers only worked two hours on Sunday and an hour on Wednesday night...

Enjoy the family. Those grandkids will grow up faster than your kids did!