Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday Fragments

Well, the NBA finals are over (yawn). Once again, the Spurs take home the title -- their 4th. That's pretty impressive. I heard one sports commentator comparing them to Larry Holmes, the heavyweight boxer who had a great record but is not considered among the best ever because his competition was weak. I don't know. The Cavs were weak. But I wouldn't consider the Mavs and Suns weak.

We have this new plant that is incredible! (Jacob, our youth minister, says it's a sure sign I'm getting old when I start talking about watching my plants). Anyway, Paula McDowell gave us this plant -- it's called a Missouri Primrose. Right now it is going through its blooming stage. Every night at dusk (in fact, it has been at 8:50 the last two nights), you can actually watch the blooms open up. It looks like time-lapse photography. It's really cool.

My oldest grandson is here -- along with his mom and dad and Jennifer's mom. He is a hoot at this stage (just turned one) -- as cute as a bug and so funny. I have laughed so much since they got here last night -- watching him and Molly together. Neither one is sure about the other one, but they keep getting closer and closer to each other.

Grandparenting is definitely the bomb!

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Jeff said...

Grandparenting and plants. Yep, I might agree with Jacob.