Monday, June 04, 2007

Check Out

Things have been going so well in my life that it was like a wake-up into reality to hear about the thwarted terrorist attack on JFK airport in New York. The cowardliness of terrorist activity is beyond my ability to comprehend. Perhaps they feel that this is the only way to take on a military power that is greater than themselves. But the killing of innocent people -- including children -- is beyond me.

I am grateful that our Homeland Security has been able to catch terrorists before they can commit such acts against us. And I pray for the day when such hideous acts will end. I don't think it will be through us beating them militarily. The only answer is to "Jesus" them to death. Unfortunately, they don't see much Jesus from us -- in our materialism and oil-grabbing greed. I better get off of my soap box, though.

On another note, I get emails from different sources that present information as if it is directly from the Associated Press. I recently received one that "told the truth" about Barack Obama. It told about how he had grown up in the home of a Moslem terrorist, etc. So, I checked it out on, and needless to say the story had been greatly sensationalized. So much information is being passed around these days, it's hard to know what is true and what is gossip and what is simply a smear campaign. I would recommend that you check out the legitimacy of information at


Jeff said...

You probably need to stay on your soap box awhile longer. As I come to know God better, I see so many things in my own life that hurts me and causes me to see hypocricy in what I say and do. Stay on your soap box because we need to be flooded with the message of Christ.g

Beverly Ross said...

I totally love your quote - "just Jesus them to death" - cool!
I, too, agree with the idea to 'snopes' things.