Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A Special Birthday

Sorry there was no blog yesterday. It would not allow me on.

I'm glad it allowed me on today, because today is a special day. It's my sweetheart's birthday. And so it's a day worth celebrating. Because if she had never been born, I would hate to think what might have happened in my own life. The Lord has blessed me with some incredible gifts: salvation, His Spirit, His Word. But I see Him "fleshed out" most in my wife.

There are so many special things about Beverly. One of them is her joy over some of the simplest things. She is definitely not high-maintenance. She brings the sound of laughter into every environment. She brightens every room into which she walks. Her zest for life is contageous. And no matter what she's doing, she is conscious of looking for how the Lord can be glorified in it.

I confess that her energy level sometimes wears me out! But if not for her, I would probably be an official couch potato. So, I am grateful for the way she pushes me beyond my comfort zones. We have worked through the years on compromising on this, but she struggles with "chillin' out." Just too much energy for that. I do think she is getting to where she enjoys our occasional "movie on the couch with a bowl of popcorn." (She probably sits there and thinks of a million things she could be doing, but she never says that).

I was so blessed to parent with her. I almost feel like I was able to just sit back and watch her work her magic. She was an incredible mother. A lot of it was just her instincts. But she wasn't satisfied with that. She was always reading and researching to be the very best mother she could be. And don't even get me started on the grandmothering thing. She took to that like a duck to water.

I was so immature when I asked her to marry me 30 years ago. I was not prepared for marriage. But the Lord blessed me anyway. He blessed me with a patient woman who endured a lot of junk. Thankfully, she saw something in me worth hanging in there for. I'm so grateful that she did!

So tonight, we will go to Anamia's -- her favorite restaurant. And I will get her table-side guacamole. And she will be thrilled -- as if I just gave her the Hope diamond. And I will be reminded once again of how blessed I am.

Happy birthday, Beverly! You da' bomb!


Beverly Ross said...

Please bring my make-up bag tonight. I am a mess!!! Too many tears today - all tears of joy - joy in the journey with such a precious man! Thank you!

Josh Ross said...

I love my mother. She is a wonderful woman of deep faith.

Anonymous said...

not just was an amazing mom....IS an amazing mom

randy said...

Is there any blessing to compare with the gift of a godly woman to share a life with?