Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Marriage Retreat

I had a blog ready to post a moment ago, and lost the whole thing. As I rewrite it, I am wondering if there is a reason for it being lost -- because I was really bashing Satan. So, now he is going to get a double dose.

As Beverly and I were traveling last week, we completed a book by Gary Thomas entitled "Sacred Marriage." This book is really good, and takes a radical, but God-centered, approach to marriage. So as Beverly and I outlined this weekend's retreat yesterday, I look forward to incorporating some of Thomas' stuff into it.

I am pretty ticked today! I'm ticked at Satan. My mind is preoccupied right now with people I love who are being targeted by him. Many are suffering with cancer or heart ailments. Even though the breakdown of our bodies is to be expected because of the Fall, it still irks me.

But even more than that, I am tired of watching the way Satan is attacking our families. The carnage and destruction break my heart. What he is doing reminds me of terrorist tactics. As he targets families, it is more like a car bomb than a rifle shot. He takes out handfuls at a time rather than single victims. And many of them are innocent bystanders. What a coward!

I have been so blessed in this life that I am guilty of being distracted at times. My eyes get focused away from the ultimate goal of heaven. But one thing that causes me to look forward to Jesus' return is seeing Satan get what is coming to him (this is where I lost the last blog). What do you think it's going to be like when THE FATHER punishes this cowardly terrrorist who has inflicted so much pain on His kids? All I know is I want a ringside seat.


Cassey said...

I have thought about this alot in the past couple of weeks . This may sound silly , but I think that It is going to be fight where one person refuses to fight back . they know they have won and that is all that matters . Most of the times those are the fights that leave you even more irked and upset than if you were exchange words, and hits with someone . Ijust can't picture God fighting , arguing with Satan .

Amy C said...

I too hope I get a ringside seat to Satan cast into the abyss. I am sick of seeing good people hurt too. This life is hard. At least we have already seen that fight won where the bigger man turns the other cheek. I am glad to know that the battle is already won.

Liz Moore said...

Amen, Amen and Amen!! Satan is inflicting so much pain. Not just physical pain from illness, but as you said, he is hurting family's on a much more personal & emotional level. He uses such a small foothold, that most of the time people don't even see it coming. And before you know it, you are surrounded by darkness. I hate the fact that he is prince of this world. Because we live in this world, he uses every aspect of our lives to try and penetrate our very souls. I am so grateful that we serve a God who is greater than anything in this world. I pray that Satan will be exposed in every life he is tormenting here on this earth and that God will overcome in every situation. I too cannot wait for his ultimate demise! What a great day that will be!! Save me a seat up close!