Friday, March 03, 2006


Beverly and I are soon to be on our way to her parents in Crockett. Malaya is going with us. We will be coming home tomorrow afternoon.

I am so looking forward to having a weekend or two sometime soon to work in our new yard! Spring is just around the corner. Flower beds need weeding and tending. I need to put up a fence. And the grass is going to need some TLC.

Last night was spent with some special friends. We have been through some real challenges together, and continue to journey through others. There is no way to describe what it means to have a handful of people you can trust with your innermost thoughts as you experience both mountain peaks and trecherous valleys.

As Smitty says (that's what those of us close to Michael W. Smith call him -- j/k), "A lifetime's not too long to live with friends."

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Josh Ross said...

I am so grateful for that group of friends. They have become the hands and feet of Jesus to you two.