Friday, March 24, 2006

Sacred Marriages

Beginning tonight, Beverly and I will be conducting a marriage retreat for our church. We have done a number of marriage retreats in the past, and I always felt like what I offered was lacking in something. But I am getting pretty stoked about this one. We are presenting new material, and are putting the finishing touches on it today.

In his book Sacred Marriage, Gary Thomas shares something that I had never thought of in quite this way before. He notes that the divorce rate of those who call themselves "born again" Christians is higher than that among non-believers (27% to 25%). But the highest rate of all is among those who call themselves "fundamental" Christians (30%). He then observes that our goal in life is to be "ambassadors for Christ" -- offering the message of reconciliation between God and humanity. Yet, what does it do for our testimony when we are so poor at reconciliation in our own relationships?

Please pray for Beverly and me this weekend. And pray for our nation, that Satan's savage attacks against our families might be defeated.


Josh Ross said...

I pray rich blessings upon you both this weekend. May the power of the Holy Spirit pour through you the gift of nurturing healthy and unhealthy marriages.
As for the divorce rate, I believe that I am correct in saying that red states have a higher divorce rate than blue states. That is ironic, because red states "claim" to have higher moral values. Interesting thought.

jenny biz said...

I hope the weekend went well. I can't wait to hear about it!