Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I will probably say more about this on Sunday, as I will begin a series of lessons leading up to Easter. I think we, as God's people, sometimes spend too much time picking things apart (often in a miss-guided desire to be "sound") that we miss enjoyinng the Lord and His people.

As I grew up in the church, we were suspect about Easter. After all, we said, the word "Easter" actually comes from a pagan fertility celebration. And that is true. But words' meanings don't always stay in their root. Words mean what we currently understand them to mean. And the world as a whole today are not referring to a pagan fertility celebration when they speak of Easter. They are recognizing Resurrection Day! And we look pretty much like pagans when we frown at the mention of Easter.

Also we have said, "Well, we don't celebrate Easter. We take the Lord's Supper every week." (I wonder how much we actually "celebrate" each week). True, the early church celebrated the Lord's Supper every Lord's Day (Sunday). And it is a beautiful part of our heritage that we have followed their example. But I have room in my brain to take the Lord's Supper every week, and still have an extra-special week once a year that is actually THE resurrection day. Beverly and I celebrate our anniversary every year. But there are extra-special ones that come along, too -- like the 25th, 50th (or this year, our 30th). And my brain can get around that.

Easter is not like Christmas in that we cannot know with certainty the date. It is dated from the Jewish Passover, which is dated from the full moon in a particular month of the Jewish calendar. So, on Easter morning, we are commemorating the most important anniversary in the history of humanity. The tomb was empty that morning. Jesus is risen! So rather than trying to press the point of how "right" I am (which is nothing but a turn-off to others outside our doors), I want my voice to be heard in pronouncing the Good News! There is life beyond the grave. There is Victory in Jesus!


Josh Ross said...

Thanks for pointing us to a celebration that even the saints in the 2nd and 3rd centuries honored. Each year, our spiritual lives go through seasons, and Easter has become like my new year. It is reviving.

randy said...

. . . for whoever is not against you is for you.

He is the atoning sacrifice for our sins, and not only for ours but also for[a] the sins of the whole world.