Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Miscellaneous Mumblings

Ten years ago, I had not heard of email or blogging or internet. Now, it is like I am handicapped without them. Our hard-drive on our home PC crashed about a week ago, and Beverly and I both feel like we have been cut off from the world. I worry about getting the bills paid, since I now do that on line too. Oh well, I think our superhero son-in-law is going to come to the rescue for us this weekend.

The marriage retreat was wonderful! The turnout was great, and everyone really seemed to be engaged in the entire event. Kyle and Shelly Reeves did a marvelous job coordinating the whole weekend. The "trooper" award goes out to Jerry Nicholas, who had undergone a double-treatment for his cancer on Thursday. He stayed for everything, and told Anna that he thoroughly enjoyed it. Saturday night she had to take him to the hospital because his fever got so high. Hang in there, Jerry!

Spring is definitely in the air. Things are "greening up." I'm just hoping that our brown yard wakes up. It could be that we bought a house with dead grass. Oh well. I like doing yard work. But I so want it to look good this year!

Another sign that we are too spoiled: Beverly's garage door opener broke. It has been such an inconvenience! We actually have to either go in my side of the garage or go through the back door! I am looking forward to when our kids come get whatever they want of our furniture that is in the garage. After all, that's where the cars are supposed to be. Life is tough:)


Amy C said...

I am sure they will be happy to take the furniture off your hands. That is the best. Glad the conference went well.

randy said...

The marriage boot camp was definitely beneficial. Count your blessings if your yard is only dead. Mine greens up with every noxious native plant know to north Texas.